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Technical Center

【Seminar Files】CAE Simulation Seminar@Malaysia


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【Technical articles】Complex Field Exchange


Features at a Glance
Key features of our common interchange format for sharing complex optical field data:
• Supports both scalar and vector fields
• Supports square and rectangular data grids
• Can be used for the beam input and saved as output for all products
• ASCII format allows interfaces to be written with customers’ in-house software

【Technical articles】CODE V Beam Synthesis Propagation


Obtain Accurate Analysis of Diffraction-Related Characteristics

【Technical articles】Asphere Design in CODE V


Q-Type Polynomials Enable Superior Design Optimization and Tolerancing

【Technical articles】Efficiently Manage Optical System Requirements with Specification-Guided Software


Optical design software helps engineers create virtual prototypes of optical systems more quickly and cost effectively than building physical prototypes. Once a virtual prototype is created, engineers can also use the software to analyze and adjust optical system designs. These software capabilities help companies get the best quality products to market faster. Additionally, that same software can help engineers meet project specifications, minimize costs and improve manufacturability.