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Technical Center

【Technical articles】Evaluation of Torricelli’s law through experiment and CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics).


This article is the final year project of Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program supporting by CYBERNET Malaysia Ansys expert, talking about experimental study of providing the equation of Torricelli law through through experiment and using Ansys CFD
【Courtesy of MJHEP(Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program)】

【Technical notes】Crack growth analysis of solder balls


Using Ansys Mechanical Enterprise to analyze crack growth of solder balls

【Technical notes】Strength analysis of a hard capsule


Using Ansys Mechanical Pro to do strength analysis of a hard capsule.

【Technical notes】Strength and optimization analysis example of a soft capsule


Using Ansys Mechanical Enterprise to do strength and optimization analysis of a soft capsule containing liquid drug.

【Technical notes】Structure and fluid solutions for LCD touch panel


Using Ansys Mechanical Enterprise to analyze the interaction between structure and fluid of a LCD touch panel