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Technical Center

【Technical articles】Erco-LightTools-Success-Story


Throughout the development of the Spherolit reflector technology, I could rely on my LightTools simulation results. LightTools predicted critical features in the light distribution with high accuracy. Using its powerful virtual prototyping capabilities, we saved several iterations of hardware prototypes.” — Dr. Matthias Bremerich, Chief Illumination Engineer, ERCO

【Technical articles】Design Optimization of Grating Fiber Couplers With RSoft Products


Optimum design of silicon photonics devices, such as grating couplers, can be achieved by numerically optimizing a large number of design parameters without in-depth knowledge of the complex underlying theories.


【Technical articles】RSoft Application: Designing a Plasmonic Spatial Multiplexing Switch


A leading American research lab had an idea to develop a multiplexing switch based on surface plasmon technology that steers tightly focused plasmon beams between neighboring subwavelength metal-strip waveguides.


【Technical articles】RSoftApp-Plasmon-Nano-Probe


SPM (Scanning probe microscopy) nanoprobes have been increasingly required for the electrical evaluation of semiconducting nanodevices, biochemical measurement of DNA and protein molecules, as well as nanoscale material property investigations. A U.S. microscope manufacturer and several research organizations in Japan and China have requested investigations of surface plasmon enhanced metallic nanoprobe behavior in various conditions.


【Technical articles】Street Lighting Design in LightTools


Complete Street Lighting Design Solution
LightTools® is a proven tool to help designers create high-performance, cost-effective roadway lighting systems. LightTools delivers unique design and analysis capabilities, ease of use, support for rapid design iterations, application-specific tools and automatic design optimization to help you work more efficiently and save product development costs.