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Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery is an effective and convenient analytical software that allows the users to repair the geometric shapes of the models within the same interface and instantly see the analytical results, helping them to do quick preliminary assessments and import the results into Ansys Fluent or Ansys Mechanical for a further flow field and structure simulation.
Product features

  • Intuitive model repair and instant simulation
Ansys Discovery can directly repair the characteristics of the current model within the same interface, instantly obtain the changing trends of the physical field, and reduce the time for developers in terms of the adjustment of the preliminary model, reaching the design goals more efficiently.
  • Three major analytical capabilities

Ansys Discovery’s analytical capabilities consist of structure, fluid, and heat analysis.
Structure analysis

Ansys Discovery allows users to quickly simulate the impact of the external forces on the model structure and instantly present the object displacement and responsive changes, helping the users to design the shell and machinery components faster.

Fluid analysis

Ansys Discovery allows users to set the flow and pressure boundaries of the flow field access, adding with the quickest model repair and visualization functions, helping users to instantly see the different flow channels or flow field changes based on the conditions of the access and find the most efficient solution for the complex design of flow fields.
Heat analysis
Ansys Discovery allows users to set the heat source, temperature, or material characteristics of the model, and simulate the temperature distribution status of the component, whether heating or in heat-dissipating conditions. It is also integrated with the model repairing function, allowing quick optimization of the heat-concentrated area.
  • Connections with the analytical model from preliminary simulations
By using Ansys Discovery for the preliminary analysis, the configured model and conditions can be imported into Ansys Fluent or Ansys Mechanical in just one click for further data simulation.
  • Automatic report generation of simulation results
After the users complete the aforementioned Ansys Discovery analyses, relevant reports of the simulation process can be quickly compiled and can be provided to the clients demanding the reports. It can save your time for doing screenshots, drawings, and layouts.