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Technical Center

【Webinar File】Introduction of Ansys Mechanical


This file introduces the basic functions and operating procedures of Ansys Mechanical. Please log in to download the file.

【Technical articles】What is indispensable for Designer CAE?


Compare the process curve after front-loading with the conventional process curve. In the later process, the number of prototypes is reduced and costs are reduced. This means that the effect of front-loading has appeared. Simulation is one of the technologies to fill the process curve bulge brought forward as a reaction and the conventional one.

【Technical articles】Linear Structure Analysis and Nonlinear Structure Analysis


In this article, we will introduced the differences between linear structure analysis, nonlinear structure analysis, the factors of non-linearity, and the modeling method using ANSYS Workbench with examples.


【Seminar Files】CAE Simulation Seminar@Malaysia


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