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Technical Center

Vuforia Chalk Product Brief


vuforia_chalk_thumbA quick overview of Vuforia Chalk, how it works, and the technical requirements.







Vuforia Studio Product Brief


vuforia_studio_thumbA quick overview of Vuforia Studio, use cases, and key features.







ThingWorx Applications Brochure


ThingWorx_brochure_thumbLearn more about the key capabilities of ThingWorx and applications for high-impact industrial use cases.







Ansys optiSLang HFSS Solution


optiSLang_HFSS_thumbThe product development process is getting more complex by the day. With Ansys optiSLang ™, it's possible to orchestrate and automate simulation toolchains using Ansys and non-Ansys products to perform parametric design studies and better understand your designs.




Ansys optiSLang Motor-CAD Solution


optiSLang_motor CAD_thumbIn a rapidly growing market for automobile electrification, time reduction in the EV motor development process is required to win the product innovation race. Multiphysics optimization in concept design considering electromagnetic, thermal, and structure are the key to the whole development process efficiency.