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Technical Center

【Technical notes】Simulation of an IPM motor


Ansys Maxwell has a variety of features that can be used for motor analysis. These features will solve your problems.

【Customer story】Learn about Magnetic-Structural coupling analysis of electromagnetic clutch for automobiles of SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 


Not only analysis specialists but also designers use CAE on a daily basis.
In the development of electromagnetic clutches and brakes, CAE is indispensable for visually evaluating the magnetic field.

This story talks about how Ansys help  SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY for solving Magnetic-Structural coupling analysis problem.  

【Webinar File】Simulation – Key to Better Engineering - Solution introduction


CAE Simulation: The key to better engineering
– Learn the innovated engineering stories with Ansys expert

【Technical notes】Reflow solution of LED mounting component


Using Ansys for simulation from thermal fluid analysis to thermal stress analysis around mounted components

【Technical notes】Fluid–structure interaction analysis of MEMS mirror device


By using the two way FSI (Fluid-Structure Interaction) analysis of Ansys, it is possible to perform analysis that takes into account the viscosity of air, and obtain highly accurate vibration characteristics of the device.