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Technical Center

【Technical articles】Street Lighting Design in LightTools


Complete Street Lighting Design Solution
LightTools® is a proven tool to help designers create high-performance, cost-effective roadway lighting systems. LightTools delivers unique design and analysis capabilities, ease of use, support for rapid design iterations, application-specific tools and automatic design optimization to help you work more efficiently and save product development costs.


【Technical articles】Phosphor Modeling in LightTools


Phosphors exhibit photoluminescence, the process by which a material absorbs light of a specific spectral range and re-emits light of another spectral range with longer wavelengths. Because of the increased availability of phosphor-based white light-emitting diodes, the use of phosphors is increasingly prevalent in illumination design. To ensure that simulations for such illumination designs are accurate, it is important to accurately model the optical effects of phosphors. To describe how phosphors are modeled in LightTools, this paper explains how LightTools inputs correlate to theoretical models, as well as how to obtain the necessary data.

【Technical articles】Linking PSA and Configurations


Highlighted in this tip is the ability to interchange the data between PSA and Configurations. Configurations, first introduced in LightTools 8.4, provide a way to include multiple values for a given set of model parameters, and switch between different configurations using a single drop-down menu. 

【Technical articles】Getting the Most Out of a LightTools Hybrid Simulation


Each method has advantages and disadvantages, and benefits are subject to the geometry present in the model and type of analysis required. Depending on the characteristics of your model, you may observe dramatic ray trace efficiency differences between each model. In some cases, one type of simulation may achieve similar accuracy that is dozens of times faster than another method. This tip discusses hybrid simulation, LightTools’ newest simulation method, which was added to the software in version 8.4

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