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Optical Measurement Services


Optical experts at CYBERNET can help you with a wide range of custom optical scattering measurement services. CYBERNET BSDF optical scattering measurement services provide a realistic, detailed view of your final product.  


High Precision BSDF Measurement

CYBERNET uses a laboratory-grade Optical Measurement Device that is designed to measure HD BSDF, where HD is characterized by a high peak-to-noise ratio and a high angular resolution of the BSDF function.

Spectrum BSDF Measurement

For photometric analysis Ansys Speos simulations to capture iridescent effects and the subtle spectral effects of diffraction gratings.
Sample use case: Highly resolved analysis performed with Laboratory OMD

Material VOP Measurement

The volume scattering measurement option allows the characterization of “mass” diffusive and absorbing materials, using a semi-automated Excel-based application with VBA macros and Ansys Speos simulations to derive volume optical properties.

We offer the following optical measurement services at highly competitive and affordable rates.
  • Visible range BRDF measurement
  • Visible range BSDF measurement
  • Visible range anisotropic surface characterization
  • Visible range characterization of non-symmetric surface
  • Visible range modeling of Volume Scattering Properties
  • Surface roughness (unpolished)



CYBERNET optical scattering measurement service parameter table

Light source 3 Laser diodes
R(635nm), G(520nm), B(450nm)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) measurements 108

Spectral sensing using spectrometer (non-rainbow surfaces)

Range: 380nm–1000nm
Spectrometer resolution: Better than 5nm
Full-spectrum measurement with white light source Resolution between 10nm – 50nm
Adjustable from 357nm – 725nm
BSDF accuracy ±5%
Repeatability accuracy ±5%
Nominal angular resolution 0.05°
Sample size From 3cm x 3cm to 15cm x 20cm (Thickness up to 30mm)
Maximum sample weight 500g

Why use CYBERNET optical measurement services?

CYBERNET has decades of experience providing Optical Simulation Software, Engineering Services, and optical measurement services to its customers in the Asia Pacific region. CYBERNET  has offices in Japan (HQ), China, Taiwan, and Malaysia with highly skilled optical engineers.



We use laboratory-grade Optical Measurement Device (OMD) operated by an expert team. Our in-house laboratory has a strictly controlled environment to provide optimal measurement results.

► Adaptive sampling reduces measurement time by 10X and the file size by 100X, which is important for highly polished surfaces.
► We use the Ansys interpolation enhancement to achieve highly accurate simulation results, even when measuring low diffusion levels with low incidence angle resolution, and it also helps to reduce the measurement time by 10X or more.
► Using the BSDF editor, we can export standard values, such as gloss and lab colorimetric values, for quality control and colorimetric analysis.
► Using the BSDF viewer, we can export BSDF data to conoscopic intensity maps and sections with access to the measured values.

Contact our expert team for more details