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Ansys Mechanical

Ansys Mechanical

Ansys structure analysis software is the flagship analytical software that can solve complex geometries and provide quicker and more accurate calculation results. This software solver is based on the theory of finite element method and executes the complete processes of modeling, solution configuration, meshing, solving, and post-processing under a unified graphical interface, providing customized and automated solutions of multi-structural goals. It can also simultaneously confirm multiple physical goals, including strength, fatigue, operating conditions, temperature stability, etc., and operate with other Ansys software for fluid or electric fields to conduct coupling analyses. Ansys has already assisted countless engineers of various industries (PCB, automotive electronics, battery, optical lens, etc.) to optimize products and avoid enormous real testing costs.

Ansys Mechanical product classification

In response to the different demands from industries, Ansys offers three product packs with different functions, as well as complete solver solutions for different products based on the clients’ application scenarios. Here is the overview of the basic product classification:

Ansys Mechanical Pro, Software Package for General Structure, Heat Transfer, and Fatigue Simulation

Ansys Mechanical Pro has a powerful FEM and a unified graphical interface that can perform the complete process of modeling, solution configuration, meshing, solving, and post-processing. It can perform complete contact simulation, fatigue simulation, and large deflection simulation. It supports high-performance computing, structural nonlinear simulation, contact simulation, heat simulation, and fatigue simulation of the multiphysics coupling simulator.

Applicable scenarios include:

Thermal stress analysis of packaging
Structural analysis and topology optimization

Ansys Mechanical Premium 
, Software Package for Advanced Structural Simulation with Nonlinear Enhanced

Ansys Mechanical Premium uses powerful FEM and has outstanding scalability. It can perform linear structure simulation, super-elastic body and basic nonlinear material structure simulation, rigid body dynamics simulation, prestressed modal, harmonic, spectral response and random vibration, transient structure, and thermal simulations. Also, it can conduct multiphysics coupling simulations with other physics tools (fluid and electromagnetic fields).

Applicable scenarios include:  

Brake noise simulation (car braking)
Rubber structure analysis (tires, oil seals, and bushings)
PCB structure vibration and shock analysis

Ansys Mechanical Enterprise
, the Flagship Structural Simulation Software Package with Complete Functions Ansys Mechanical Enterprise

Ansys Mechanical Enterprise is a powerful, comprehensive, and technologically complete FEM simulation software package for all purposes. Its analytical applications include comprehensive material models, from super-elastic rubber and plastic to metal materials and self-defined materials, performing linear and nonlinear simulations, as well as multiple physical coupling of independent electrical, thermal, and solidus simulations. In addition to implicit and explicit solutions in the transient domain, it also supports composite material modeling and the Ansys Customization Toolkit (ACT).

Applicable scenarios include:

PCB failure: Thermal stress fatigue of solder balls
Ultrasonic horn (piezoelectric material and harmonic analysis)
Drop testing