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Proven Simulation Technology

Discovery AIM is based on trusted ANSYS technology for all the steps of upfront simulation — model setup, meshing and physics solution — enabling reliable and accurate fluid, structural, thermal, electromagnetic and multiphysics simulations.
Fluid flow: Accurately simulate key fluid flow problems such as reducing pressure drop, calculating lift and drag coefficients, evaluating fluid loads and predicting flow behavior.
Static stress: Analyze static deflections and stresses for complex parts and assemblies using static stress analysis, including nonlinear contact, structural joints and large deflections.
Topology Optimization: Create novel shapes that optimize material usage, which either maximize the strength of a design or minimize the response to free vibration.

Modal analysis: Determine, with proven modal analysis, the natural frequencies and vibration characteristics of your product designs to fully understand product longevity and durability.
Electromagnetics: Rapidly simulate static magnetic fields and current conduction to accurately evaluate the electromagnetic performance of your designs.
Thermal: Ensure your designs perform properly within their expected temperature ranges by accurately simulating thermal performance.
Polymer extrusion: Reduce trial-and-error iterations and quickly troubleshoot unexpected problems when simulating polymer extrusion processes and evaluating die designs.