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Nonlinear applications


ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise Capabilities

Nonlinear applications

Mechanical engineering software with nonlinear analysis techniques can include the simulation of contact, geometric and material nonlinearities. Mechanical Enterprise let’s you study the effects of all of these phenomena in unison or isolation.
The interface between parts simulated via contact can take into account friction, heating, pressure and cohesion to increase the accuracy of the real behavior of joints between parts, such as bolted connections, gaskets or other types of joints.
Advanced materials models for geomechanics, metals, hyperelastics and composites, combined with user-defined materials, provide a complete solution for nonlinear analysis. Metals, rubbers, soils, concrete, shape memory alloys and many more materials are easily incorporated into simulations using test data or built in to material model libraries.
For models with very large deformations, you can use nonlinear adaptive meshing to automatically continue solutions where a traditional approach may struggle.