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【Technical articles】Street Lighting Design in LightTools


Powerful, Rapid Model Creation
LightTools’ fully featured optical and mechanical design environment makes it fast and easy to model roadway lighting components, including lamp geometry, sources, lenses and reflectors.
•  Create a light source from any geometric object to create custom source models. Choose a source from LightTools’ extensive LED or other source libraries to jumpstart the design process. Or, define a source based on IES and LDT source files
•  Create specialized LED street light lenses to control light direction and reduce glare using skinned solids. Bezier controls give you substantial flexibility to create, edit and optimize the shape of the lens
•  Design reflector facets in any shape and layout to achieve specific light distributions
•  Take advantage of the SOLIDWORKS® Link Module, with two-way, interactive data sharing. Assign optical properties in LightTools and then optimize SOLIDWORKS CAD geometry
•  Control ray tracing accuracy and precision based on the requirements of your system and stage of your design using LightTools’ state-of- the-art ray tracing
Figure 1: LED street lamp modeled in LightTools, including illuminance analysis results and photorealistic rendering of lit appearance
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Street Lighting Design in LightTools
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