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April 27 Webinar - Using Engineering Simulation to Fight COVID-19


COVID19 pandemic has created unique challenges like never before not only for the general public but also for researchers and manufacturers searching for infection prevention solutions.
During this webinar, we discuss with analysis examples about utilizing Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for COVID19 related applications.
What you will learn:
Reserve your date: Wednesday, 27 April, 2022
Malaysia & Singapore: 11am - 12noon
Thailand & Vietnam: 10am - 11am
Ansys® CFDproducts empower its users to effectively address complex engineering challenges using computational fluid dynamics simulations. It also supports Ansys Multiphysics™ simulations such as electro-thermal analyses using Ansys System Coupling™. CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN.BHD. is an Ansys Channel Partner in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and other countries in the ASEAN region. Contact our team for more details.