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[Free Webinar] Ansys Motor Design and Analysis Solution


Ansys has been most famous CAE company in whole world. For structure, noise vibration harshness (NVH), thermal, electromagnetic analysis, Ansys has total solution at multi-physics domain analysis. This day, electrification is one of popular issue at powertrain. Motor, or more, electric traction system spends over 50% electric consumption at industrial, transportation, green energy and so on. High efficiency and power density are “must do” design targets for motor. Thermal and NVH issues are also important. Ansys presents motor design process from concept design to system design. It’s not only electromagnetic but also thermal, NVH and control system consideration. This topic will help listener understanding that complete motor design workflow from Ansys.


  • Introduction
  • MotorCAD: useful motor design tool
  • Use Maxwell to do more detail analysis
  • Multi-physics analysis for motor thermal and NVH
  • Conclusion

Suitable for

Customers who are interested in motor design using Ansys

Date/  Time

04 Aug. 2020/ 14:00-15:00

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