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Automatic Code and HMI Generation

SCADE Display KCG features compact and efficient code generation of readable, traceable and retargetable ANSI C code for embedded HMIs. It natively supports the OpenGL, OpenGL SC 1.x (Safety Critical), OpenGL SC 2.0, OpenGL ES 1.1 (Embedded Systems) and OpenGL ES 2.0 standards, through the SCADE Display OGLX (OpenGL eXtension to KCG) portable library of C code, delivered along with SCADE Display KCG. Generated code integrates out-of-the-box with COTS or proprietary, certified or not, OpenGL graphics libraries. SCADE Display KCG also enables targeting with minimal efforts all proprietary embedded target platforms.
Automatic Code Generation
  • Automatic generation of compact, efficient, modular, safe and target-independent C code
  • Elimination of coding errors, as well as the need for low-level testing
Code Integration and Deployment
  • No dependency with target hardware or RTOS
  • Quick target deployment to virtually all target platforms (Windows, Apple iOS and Android-based mobile devices, critical embedded target platforms, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of HMI applications for Windows/PC, Apple iOS or Android