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System Design Verification

SCADE Architect enables systems design verification with tools for model consistency checking and model diff/merge.
Model Consistency Checking
  • Automatic verification of modeling rules applicable to entire model or model parts
  • Set of predefined rules for common usage patterns to quickly fix violated rules
  • Live Checker mode for on-the-fly rule check
  • Addition of custom rules through the API (in OCL, TCL, Java)
  • Customizable verification configurations to be used for different parts of the model or at different stages of the design
  • Report generation in RTF or HTML with direct hyperlinks on model elements to locate violations
Model Diff/Merge
  • Analysis of differences between system model versions
  • Filters for the display of model differences
  • Merge capabilities to copy changes selectively or in bulk, or to ignore changes selectively
  • User control on matching strategy applicable to Diff analysis
  • Tree view of differences allowing for easy understanding of removals, insertions and changes on SCADE Architect model objects
  • Comprehensive report about merge actions and differences before and after merge sessions