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System Design

SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler features the following capabilities:
Functional and Architecture Design
  • Functional and architecture decomposition through block diagrams
  • Simple and intuitive definition of system architectures through the concept of reusable/unique blocks
  • Component reuse managed with block replicas and ability to allocate items independently on each component replica
  • Comprehensive visualization of component hierarchy within project tree
  • Allocation of functions to components made locally to the functions or components, or through drag-and-drop in allocation tables
  • Annotation mechanism to add custom properties on model objects
Data Management
  • Definition of data dictionaries
  • Import/export of data dictionaries in Microsoft® Excel® or Comma-Separated Value files
  • Data propagation across block hierarchy
  • Data propagation path visualization
  • Data propagation consistency checks
  • Tables of model objects (I/O ports, connectors, data, allocations) with unlimited hierarchical levels and customizable columns aimed at quickly and efficiently managing long lists of data
  • Ability to search table contents
System Constraints Representation
  • Representation of constraints between block data in Parametric Diagrams
  • Refinement of constraints in Parametric Diagrams
  • Free text in constraints expression
Model-Based Design Solution
  • Provides more user-friendly functionality than plain databases
  • Supports all standard drawing features such as alignment, line styles, fonts, etc.
  • Styles management for better visual identification of components in diagrams
  • Includes navigation capabilities within model content and definitions with find and browse
Support of Collaborative Work
  • Extraction of system parts for third parties, ensuring IP protection of the system model
  • Management of read-only model libraries and support for library re-organization, allowing multiuser collaboration
  • Multifile persistence with customizable granularity for packages and blocks, allowing fine grain Configuration Management
  • Read/write access to SCADE Architect models through an OCL, TCL or Java model API
  • Capability to develop specific import/export through the model API