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Systems Requirements Analysis

SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler is a SysML-based system design tool for critical systems modeling. The editor is user-friendly and intuitive for system engineers. It supports operational requirements analysis, functional decomposition, architecture decomposition and allocation of functions to components through drag-and-drop operations in allocation tables or directly from an object’s properties view.
SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler features the following capabilities:
Analysis of System Use Cases
  • Representation of system use cases and actors interacting with the system in Use Case Diagrams
  • Ability to refine uses cases with Sequence, Activity or State Machine Diagrams
Analysis of System Scenario
  • Representation of operational system scenario in Sequence Diagrams
  • Ability to link and navigate to actions in Activity Diagrams and states in State Machine Diagrams
Analysis of System States
  • Representation of system states and transitions at any level of system decomposition in State Machine Diagrams
  • Refinement of any state with referenced State Machine Diagrams
  • Free text or signal usage on transitions
Analysis of System Activity
  • Representation of the actions control flow within a subsystem at any level of system decomposition in Activity Diagrams
  • Refinement of any action with referenced Activity or State Machine Diagrams