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Mission and safety-critical control systems run on software created in SCADE
SCADE Suite is a product line in the ANSYS embedded software family that provides you with a model-based development environment for critical embedded software. With native integration of the formally defined Scade language, SCADE Suite is the integrated design environment for critical applications including requirements management, model-based design, simulation, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.
Where to Use SCADE Suite
SCADE Suite is used to design critical software, such as flight control and engine control systems, landing gear systems, automatic pilots, power and fuel management systems, cockpit displays, rail interlocking systems and signaling, automatic train operation, computer based train control, emergency braking systems, overspeed protection, train vacancy detection, nuclear power plant controls, ADAS in cars, and many other aerospace, railway, energy, automotive and industrial applications.

Tailored for Critical Applications
SCADE Suite drastically reduces project certification costs by simplifying critical control application design and automating verification, qualifiable/certified code generation and documentation generation. SCADE Suite KCG Code Generator is qualifiable as a development tool under DO-178B level A or as a DO-330 TQL-1 tool under DO-178C. It is qualified under ISO 26262:2011 at ASIL D and C, and certified under IEC 61508 2010 at T3/SIL 3 and EN 50128:2011 at T3/SIL 3/4.
SCADE Suite KCG Certification Kits provide the following materials required by the respective standard guidelines for the certification authorities:
  • Tool Qualification Plan (TQP)
  • Tool Operational Requirements (TOR)
  • Tool Accomplishment Summary (TAS) or Safety Case (SC)
  • Compliance Analysis to certification standards
  • Software Installation Procedure (SIP)
  • Tool Configuration Index (TCI)
  • and other standard-specific documents
DO-178B and DO-178C Certification Plans for SCADE Suite applications provide a set of generic plans supporting the certification of applications developed with SCADE Suite at levels A and B.


 Advanced Model-Based Design

SCADE Suite provides software data flow and state machine design and simulation capabilities in a fully integrated environment that connects with configuration management, system simulation and real-time testing tools.

Synchronization with Software Architecture Design

Integration of SCADE Architect and SCADE Suite gives you all the tools you need for the complete software design process, from architecture to detailed design of components.

Timing and Stack Size Optimization

SCADE Suite's Timing and Stack Optimizer estimates the relative Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) or stack usage of tasks in an application.

Simulating and Debugging

SCADE Suite simulation capabilities are based on actual generated code, providing you with a powerful visual debugging environment that enables breakpoints to examine internal variables and output values.

 Design Verification

SCADE Suite Design Verifier (DV) is a verification assistant that formally expresses and assesses safety requirements, providing a productive way to find bugs early in the development process.

Automatic Code Generation

SCADE Suite KCG is a C and Ada code generator from Scade models. It has been qualified as a development tool by a multitude of industry certification authorities.

SCADE Tools Integration

SCADE Suite easily integrates with tools for systems architecture design, HMI development, and testing and application lifecycle management, providing a complete environment for all embedded software development activities.

Systems Simulation Capabilities

Systems simulation capabilities with ANSYS Twin Builder help you to build complete virtual systems prototypes of your product by connecting hardware and software in one environment.

Best-in-class Qualification/Certification Support

SCADE Suite provides you with a complete environment for high-integrity level embedded applications with a qualifiable/certified code generator, a target compiler verification suite and generic development plans.