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Ansys CFD

Ansys CFD is the most established software vastly used in heat flow analysis with its professional scope ranging from molecular-scale electrochemistry to heat transfer analysis in the flow field of the macroscopic world. Ansys CFD includes the most trusted general CFD analysis software currently in the market, Ansys Fluent, which can conduct modeling analysis for all industries related to heat flow together with other specific heat flow analytical software, allowing users to complete analyses effortlessly in the relevant fields (engine, petrochemical, and aerospace). Ansys CFD offers the users three types of products, from basic to advanced: Ansys CFD-Pro, Ansys CFD-Premium, and Ansys CFD-Enterprise. Their different functions are specified as the following:
  • CFD-Pro: Basic functions of Ansys Fluent heat flow analysis, suitable for beginners to do simple steady-state analysis.
  • CFD-Premium: Complete Fluent functions and software for special applications: Ansys CFX (rotating machinery) and Ansys Forte (internal combustion engine).
  • CFD-Enterprise: Complete Fluent functions and all Ansys CFD software for applications of specific fields.
The following is a complete introduction of all models included in Ansys CFD.
Ansys Fluent
The Ansys Fluent software package includes an extensive collection of physical models which can simulate the flow, heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications which cover a wide range of scope: from the air outflow of the aircraft wings to the combustion of the boiler, from the bubble flow in the tower to the drilling platform, from the blood flow to the semiconductor manufacturing, and from the cleanroom design to the sewage treatment plant, all available. In addition, particular models, such as the burning within an internal combustion engine, aerodynamic noises, rotating machinery, and multiphase flow system, are all included in the application scope of Ansys Fluent.

Ansys Fluent's thermal management simulation for batteries

Ansys Fluent offers quick and accurate CFD results. With a flexible dynamic grid and parallel computing with ultimate scalability, it also offers the function of custom function so users can build new models and expand the customization of the existing models. Ansys Fluent’s interactive solution configuration, solving, and post-processing function can be easily paused with the results being checked with the in-built post-processing function, and after the configuration was altered, it can resume computing for one single application. Ansys CFD-Post can read the case file and data file, then compare different cases and conduct further analyses through the advanced post-processing tool. 


Product function features

  • 2D and 3D fluid analysis
  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis
  • Steady/transient state analysis
  • Complete grid creation and setting
  • Various solvers
  • Import and export boundary conditions and boundary conditions that change with time
  • Compressible/incompressible flow analysis
  • Complete turbulence analysis, including isotropic, non-isotropic, and transition area
  • Mobile/adaptive grid
  • Newtonian/non-Newtonian fluids
  • Abundant radiation calculation models
  • Processing capacity for complex chemical reactions (burning)
  • Lithium battery module and thermal failure model
  • Comprehensive multiphase flow model
  • Particle tracking
  • Porous material setting
  • Noise analysis
  • User-defined function, offering comprehensive customization flexibility
  • MRF rotating machinery application
  • Ansys SpaceClaim quick model-repair tool
  • Fluent Meshing system mesh optimization tool
  • Support HPC high-performance parallel computing

Ansys CFX

Ansys CFX is a fluid dynamic software of advanced technology and vast applications, which has been applied to solve extensive flow problems in the past two decades. Ansys CFX’s advanced solving technology is the key to quickly and steadily obtain reliable and accurate results. Its highly parallel solver is the computing basis for the extensive physical models that can virtually capture random and flow-related phenomena. The solver and its abundant physical models are presented through a modern, intuitive, and flexible user interface that can be configured and automatized with windows, macros, or powerful expression languages. In addition to the comprehensive CFD functions, Ansys CFX is also a great tool for rotating machinery analysis. Its features include the series of settings and post-processing for rotating machinery, especially the computing for transient optimization of blades, and the consideration for interactions between rotor and stator, etc.
Ansys CFX flow field analysis for fan blades
Product focus features
  • Multiple rotating machine models
  • 2D and 3D fluid analysis
  • Steady/transient state analysis
  • Complete grid creation and setting
  • Various solvers
  • Compressible/incompressible flow analysis
  • Natural convection, thermal conduction, and thermal convection analysis
  • Complete turbulence analysis, including isotropic, non-isotropic, and transition area
  • Mobile/adaptive grid
  • Newtonian/non-Newtonian fluids
  • Ansys SpaceClaim quick model-repair tool
  • Support HPC high-performance parallel computing
Solutions for special fields

Rotating machinery

Ansys Vista TF

2D fan blade analysis is utilized to quickly analyze and obtain the optimum blade shape at the initial design concept stage, which can save time for doing a complete 3D model analysis.

Ansys BladeModeler


A CAD tool exclusive for rotating machinery, which can save the complex processing time for curvature drawing through typical CAD tools.

Ansys TurboGrid


A grid optimization processing tool for blades of rotating machinery with high curvature change. Compared to an ordinary grid tool, it can process the curvature more effectively.

Advanced combustion

Ansys Forte


Analytical software for the combustion of internal engine combustion. It can offer a thermal transfer analysis when coupled with Fluent.

Ansys Chemkin-Enterprise


Used to simulate complex chemical reactions, primarily used for the calculation of combustion, including the chemical reaction of gas surface, chemical vapor deposition, and laminar flame calculation.

Other applications

Ansys Polyflow


Used for special manufacturing applications of non-Newtonian fluids (glass, plastic, and rubber), including extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, screw extrusion (non-plastic injection molding).



Used for the simulation and analysis of aircraft icing phenomenon at a high altitude and high speed.