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Ansys Discovery Live

Every engineer deserves the power of Discovery
ANSYS Discovery Live provides instantaneous 3D simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modeling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation. It is an interactive experience in which you can manipulate geometry, materials types or physics inputs, then instantaneously see changes in performance.
Use Discovery Live to test more design iterations in a shorter amount of time, perform feasibility studies on new concepts and bring products to market faster.



Structural Analysis

See instant stress distribution data regardless of model complexity.

Internal Fluid Analysis

Instantly find flow trends-even while changing geometry characteristics.


Remove material, retain strength and discover how well your design will perform.

Thermal Analysis

Instantly know how changes to models, heat input or new materials will affect the thermal performance of your design.

External Aerodynamics

Change input parameters or make geometry updates, and see Discovery Live's instant feedback of your design's performance.

Model Analysis

Observe different modes of vibration, make changes to geometry and instantly evaluate performance.